CherryRoad Strategy Report

Customer Summary

Customer Objective
  • Create a simple 5-page website with our service, Simple Site.
  • Clean up your listings so they’re correct for everyone!
First Step Strategies
Step One

Your first step to get your online business successful should be fixing your inaccurate listings and creating more. With 85% of consumers searching for a business online, you’re losing revenue to your competitors.

Step Two

Having a website is one of the most important aspects of modern business. Not only is a website your control center and main advertisement, but having a website helps you collect data you can use to improve your weaknesses.


Customer Task List

Claim your Google My Business (GMB) PageGoogle owns 94% of all online searches. Claiming your GMB automatically boosts your page ranking with Google.Not
Establish the next steps.
Schedule an onboarding call for “Simple Site”An onboarding call with our Strategy Team can help determine what web components are critical to your successNot startedEstablish the next steps.
Listings Clean UpYour online listings have myriad errors, fixing those manually or with our listing service will improve page ranking and a customer’s ability to find you online with searches such as “near me”Not startedEstablish the next steps.
Reputation ManagmentYour online reputation is your strongest weapon against the competition. Not claiming profiles and highlighting those reviews on your website is great for your competition.Not startedEstablish the next steps.

Reputation Management

  • 95% of customers consider online reviews
  • Online reviews affect your page ranking
  • Positive online reviews build your brand’s credibility.

Our dashboard aggregates all your reviews into one place and lets you respond to, request, and display your online reviews.

More about Reputation Management

Google My Business

  • Google owns 75% of all online search queries.
  • Google gives preference to local businesses.
  • Google gives preference to businesses that have claimed their GMB page.

You can easily claim your Google Business Page which will allow you to verify your business information, claim your profile, upload pictures, receive customer reviews, etc.

Google owns 75% of all search queries and prefers to give search results to local businesses. Claiming your Google My Business (GMB) page can increase your online presence immediately.

Listings Management

  • Incorrect listings confuse customers and third-party apps like GPS.
  • Incorrect listings lower your organic page ranking.
  • Correct listings integrate your online presence.

Your business information is aggregated across hundreds of websites online and if they have incorrect or even slightly inaccurate information, search engine algorithms get confused and decide to push you down in your page rankings.

You can do-it-yourself, or let us do it for you!

More about Listings Management

Main St. Simple Site

  • Optimized for foundational SEO.
  • Easy DIY Updating with 24/7 support.
  • 5-pages for $89.00 a month.
  • 5-Weeks to go live.

One of the hardest parts of web development is how complicated it can get. Our Simple Site gets your businesses online presence refreshed or rebuilt in just 5-weeks from your onboarding call.

A clean, simple website is what search engines love, and what customers insist upon.