Review all of your listings in one place, $34 a month

Why do listings even matter?

When a search engine is deciding how much it likes you, it will first look at how many places your business is listed. This let’s search engines know you’re a legitimate business.

Listings are also how a customer can easily find your business address, driving directions, or even ask Alexa to call you.

If you’re curious about where and how your business is listed online, we can tell you. Our Snapshot report crawls everyone online you are and let’s you know what information needs to be corrected.

Listings Dashboard

Our listing service gives you one dashboard where you can view and manage all your online listings.

Instant Sync

Fixes can be handled through the dashboard and synchronized instantly so you don’t have to track down every website that has listed your business.

We’ll do all the work

The dashboard helps you see the work that needs to be done, but you have a business to run! We’ll take care of all the fixes, and you can get on with your day.

Outstanding Support

Our award-winning support team offers assistance 24/7 nationwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it matter if my listings are wrong online?

Search Engines aren’t very smart. They must create a set of rules to determine if they like your site or not. One of the first grades you’ll receive for your website is accuracy of information. If Google, for example, finds conflicting information on what your phone number is, what your web URL is, and what your address is, Google will trust you less.

Listings is the simplest, cheapest way to gain more credibility online.

How can I fix them myself?

Once you receive your Snapshot report you can opt to fix all your listings yourself. Our report will list every online directory that has incorrect or missing information, and you can go to each site, create an account, then claim and update your business information.

What information does Listings Pro update?

Company name, address, phone number,
website, payment methods, services, hours
of operation, brands, holiday hours, and your
media library (photos).

Our service fixes your listings with the top 40 aggregators of information within 15 minutes, such as Google, Facebook, and other search and social platforms.

Does it matter that the information is just a little off?

Our report will show you all listings information that isn’t exactly right. This means something as small as a comma or a missing capitalized letter. Does it really matter that it is just a bit off?

Well…yes. Algorithms make the world wide web tick, and the smallest error is flagged by search engines and can affect your page ranking.

How do I get started?

Click the button above to request submit your information for a Snapshot report. We will send your report with recommendations on where to get started within two business days.