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Clean your online presence by updating listings and responding to reviews. You need the platform for your potential customers to land. We can build you the most efficient website!

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About Main St. at CherryRoad

Main St. at CherryRoad was created to bring simplified and affordable digital solutions to the small businesses we serve. Our products and customer service are built around years of seeing how large corporations and big business create an uneven playing field for small, local companies. When you deal with Main St., there are no layers of confusion and every person you encounter at our company feels personal accountability to do the right thing for our customers.

Snapshot Report Summary

Our Snapshot Report looks at the foundational aspects of your online presence and grades you compared to industry averages.










Foundational Recommendations

Foundational Recommendations are things we recommend you do before you start your marketing journey. Think of these things like making your car road-worthy before you get on the highway.

Positive reviews and an abundance of accurate listings are the most important factors when we look at Search Rankings. It can be hard to keep track of everything, we know that! Our software collects all of your Google Business data in one easy to use Dashboard for all of your online business needs

Listings Management

  • Incorrect listings confuse customers and third-party apps like GPS.
  • Incorrect listings lower your organic page ranking.
  • Correct listings integrate your online presence.

Your business information is aggregated across hundreds of websites online and if they have incorrect or even slightly inaccurate information, search engine algorithms get confused and decide to push you down in your page rankings.

You can do-it-yourself, or let us do it for you!

More about Listings Management

Reputation Management

  • 95% of customers consider online reviews
  • Online reviews affect your page ranking
  • Positive online reviews build your brand’s credibility.

Our dashboard aggregates all your reviews into one place and lets you respond to, request, and display your online reviews.

More about Reputation Management

Tactical Recommendations

Tactical Recommendations focus on the types of advertising platforms we recommend you use to achieve your marketing objectives.


Call to action strategies focus on click throughs and lead generation.

What is your marketing objective?


Awareness and branding tactics focus on frequency and putting your message top of mind.

What is your marketing objective.

Dynamic Pricing

CherryRoad offers Dynamic Pricing. This means that we take your total budget for a specific campaign objective and then we allocate your budget to the channels that will be most effective.


Multi Channels means you can advertise in video, social, search, and display for one low price. You don’t have to reach a minimum for each platform.


We split your budget by percentages based on what you want to accomplish. This means we take your budget and make sure it does the best job for you.


What is your current marketing budget.

Package Recommendations

Main St. Simple Site

  • Optimized for foundational SEO.
  • Easy DIY Updating with 24/7 support.
  • 5-pages for $89.00 a month.
  • 5-Weeks to go live.

One of the hardest parts of web development is how complicated it can get. Our Simple Site gets your businesses online presence refreshed or rebuilt in just 5-weeks from your onboarding call.

A clean, simple website is what search engines love, and what customers insist upon.



Our recommendations are based on meeting your business objectives and can be put into three categories. Foundational strategies are things you really need to do to be successful online.


Description of products recommended here.


per month

$600.00 annual investment.

Campaign #1

Descriptions of products recommended here.


per month

$1,668.00 annual investment.



per month

Next Steps

We hope to get you started on your digital transformation. Here are the next steps to begin your journey.

Begin your Onboarding with Simple Site.

Wait 5 weeks to see your new improved website!

Watch as your online presence soars.