Main St

Welcome To Main St.

What is Main St.?

Main St. is where small businesses should thrive, and it is CherryRoad’s mission to help them do just that. Our objective is to develop simple, affordable technology tools for the communities we serve.

  • Technology Education
  • Community Collaboration
  • Simple Solutions

Technology Education

At Main St., we want to make sure our community markets have the knowledge they need to make good decisions about their small businesses. We want our customers to understand how to leverage innovative technology at the local level so they can compete with larger companies with more robust marketing programs.

Digital Marketing

At CherryRoad Technology we have some of the best minds in the business creating innovative solutions based on what our customers say they need in hundreds of markets all over the country.

Business Strategy

We can help you develop effective strategies for your business, so you no longer have to wonder if what you’re doing is going to work.

Simplified Answers

If you’re looking online for ideas on how to grow your business, there are millions of articles and ideas. Our goal is to simplify those answers so business owners can get back to running their business and keeping their customers happy.

Community Collaboration

Over the decades the most innovative technology was created to serve large companies with large budgets. No one ever asked what the Mom & Pop store down the street needs to continue to thrive. Instead, we see small businesses struggle to compete. We want to hear from you! What struggles do you face and what do you need to be successful?

Business Advice

Have questions? We’ll get you answers. Have problems? We’ll help you find solutions. Roadside Assistance is our new syndicated advice column that answers questions directly from our customers.

Tech Education

Our Drivers Education platform simplifies the explanations on marketing strategies, advertising solutions, technology applications, and more.


You know that great idea you had if only you knew how to get it done? We want to have those conversations with our communities and help them develop their own technological solutions to solve their unique problems.

Simplified Solutions

You’ve had someone come to your business before and wow you with their technical prowess only to spend a lot of money without a lot of results. The strategies needed for a small company are different than the strategies needed for a Fortune 500 company. At CherryRoad we want to serve Main Street, not Wall Street.


Our commitment is to keep everything simple. That’s it.


We know that when a small business decides to advertise that’s money right from their checking account. We want to make sure our solutions don’t break the bank.


With hundreds of collective years of small community experience, our team knows what works and doesn’t. We focus not on the next new thing, but on what we know will work for your business.